November, 2008
     The Meeting has a broad scope within the field of Physics of Fluids. All works in the subject are welcome, the only requirement being the relevance and novelty of the theme. A paradigm of the expected communications is given by the experimental evidence in close connection with theoretical models. It is also important the validation of models with associated computational programs.

As a guideline we mention here some of the subjects dealt with in previous meetings:

By thematic discipline:
o General Fluid Dynamics
o General and non-Newtonian Flows
o Magnetohydrodynamics
o Electrohydrodynamics and Plasmas
o Hydraulics, Thermohydraulics and Multiple Phase Flows.

By area of applications
o Surface coating: Wetting and de-wetting
o Wind Engineering: Barriers
o Special Technologies: Oil Industry
o Biological Systems
o Environmental Fluid Dynamics
o Fluid Instabilities and Turbulence
o Flows with Chemical Reactions
o Granular Flows
November 08
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