November, 2008

     a) Pre-registration : In order to ease the organization tasks, we beg to interested people to fill in the pre-registration form.

     b) The abstract of the contributed presentation must have a title, the names of the authors and their affiliations. The body of the abstract must not exceed 300 words, and we recommend to introduce neither formulae nor unusual symbols. Please avoid bibliographical citations; if this is not possible, the reference must be completely included in the text and not cited in a footnote. The text may be written in Spanish as well as in English. The abstract file, (a pdf or word document) must be sent before 30th June 2008.

     c) Full works must be sent before 1st October 2008. The required format for the manuscript is given at Specifications for the formatting of papers are also available on this website in Registration

     d) Registration payment: At the Registration desk of the Meeting. Cost: $150 (Argentinian pesos).
November 08
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